Siphonic Drainage

CRM are one of the UK's leading authorities on siphonic roof drainage and can offer a range of design, specification, checking and inspection services. We have an established track record working with some of the UK's largest developers provided outline design solutions, specifications and design verification. Our portfolio of projects where we have verified designs includes a number of major transportation facilities across the world.

Outline design and specification can be a simple and relatively cost effective method of determining the location and flow rates to underground drainage systems before the siphonic contractor is appointed, as well as ensuring the final system is fully fit for purpose and economically designed.

Design checks and inspections, which are now part of many of the UK's largest developers' building specifications, are a useful way of ensuring the final design and installation are compliant with the specification, relevant standards and industry best practice. Typically a design check on all systems would be undertaken before construction begins, then 2-3 site inspections would be carried out to ensure the quality of the installation is of the correct quality.